$17.95  Adult Arrive and Drive w/o VIP card

$15.95 Junior Arrive and Drive w/o VIP card

$15.95 Adult with VIP card

$13.95 Junior with VIP card

Prices do not include applicable sales tax or $3 Headsock fee
VIP Card/Membership: $10/year fastlane-kart-racing-vip-cards

  • Military Discount $15.95/race
  • Monday..."Family Night" 4 Racers for $49.95 Additional racers at $12.95 4-10pm
  • Tuesday...
  • Tuesday..."Members Night"  2 Races for $25.00  Non members 2 for $30.00 4-10pm
  • Wednesday..."Kids Night" $11.95 per race (available to non-members too) 4-10pm
  • Thursday..."Student Night" $13.95 per race for students with Student ID (available to non-members too) 4-10pm
  • Saturday Night Late..10pm-We are Done "Late Night Mode""  $35.00 per person. (Must have drivers license or be 18 years old)
  • Sunday...5 races for $55.95 Can be shared. (one Racer must be a VIP Member)  Sold in groups of 5 only
  • "NEW" We have a new Fund Raising Program....If you want to raise money for your group, school, charity, or ???              for more info email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it








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Mon-Thu 12:00-10:00

Fri-Sat 12:00-11:00

Sun 12:00-8:00

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What We Do

  • Idaho's best indoor kart racing experience with both kids and adult kart racing leagues perfect for birthdays, company parties, or churches.
  • Party or event center providing kart racing, video games, pool table, arcade, on corner of Franklin and Cloverdale.